Anything but ordinary.
Construction meets creativity.

Elevators with character

We build lifts that are not only functional, but also feature successful and distinctive design elements. Despite our delight in design, we never lose sight of the constructive framework conditions. Each of our lifts is state-of-the-art from a technical standpoint, as well as powerful and reliable.

Whether you want a panorama lift suffused with light or an ergonomic freight lift: We do not offer off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, each lift is planned and manufactured as an individual item for you, from the drive system to the shaft shape to the lift car design and equipment details.

Comfort meets individuality

Passenger lifts

Whether in a private property or public building, residential complex, office building or hospital, passenger lifts increase comfort, ensure accessibility and improve expected returns. In close cooperation with architects and building owners, we implement individual lift car designs, from closed standard lift cars to fully or partially glazed lift cars to panoramic lifts moving freely in atriums.

Perfected logistics

Freight lifts

Robustly constructed and solidly equipped, our freight lifts will meet any logistical challenge. With or without machine room, hydraulic or cable drive, true heavy-duty equipment with 15 tonnes of load capacity or explosion-proof according to the ATEX directive: We are familiar with the special planning requirements of a wide variety of industries and guarantee a long service life and smooth operation.

Size is not everything

Small goods lifts

The powerful little helpers starting at a load capacity of 5 kg are an indispensable part of daily business for many companies. Small goods lifts quickly and easily transport files, medicines, food or laundry between floors, thus saving time and effort.  The designs range from mini versions of laboratory or document lifts to a goods lift with attendant, with individual special equipment on request.

Searching for a parking space was yesterday

Car lifts

If, due to lack of space, ramps and driveways are not feasible or aesthetically pleasing, the car lift offers a smart alternative. Unobtrusive and space-saving, it blends seamlessly with the existing architecture and transports your car safely and comfortably from one level to the next. Rotating lifting platforms enable easy parking and reversing even in the most confined spaces – without any tiresome manoeuvring.

Full service from a single source

Shaft scaffolds

We can provide you with all lift components from a single source – including the appropriate shaft scaffold on request. New construction or retrofitting, in the building’s interior or on its exterior facade: We calculate the statics and manufacture to measure, in accordance with the technical standards and with all necessary certifications. We can guarantee short installation times based on a high level of prefabrication.

Creative freedom

When it comes to your wishes, the sky’s the limit

Just leafing through our sample folders is an optical and tactile experience in and of itself. You can touch warm exotic woods and leather, structured stainless steel and cool marble and choose from coloured glass in all RAL shades. Whether your wishes involve walls, floors, handrails, mirrors, panels or lighting: When we talk about infinite possibilities, we mean it literally – beyond what is featured in our sample folders and lookbooks. We can manufacture genuine gold-plated stucco ornaments, create glittering effects with Swarovski crystals or lay individual mosaic motifs. Ask us!

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