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Creating exclusive and technically sophisticated lifts requires excellent communication. We therefore attach great importance to close collaboration with clients, architects, authorities, technicians and design engineers. And we can also provide the answers to questions you haven’t asked yet.

A designated contact person accompanies your project from the initial idea up to its commissioning and coordinates all the project steps.

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  • Consultancy
    Whether you come to us with only a vision or provide us with final drawings by your architect, we will be happy to advise you on what is technically feasible and stylistically suitable for your property.
  • Development
    Based on the structural conditions and your wishes regarding appearance, we develop a lift concept that combines design, functionality and sustainability.
  • Production
    In our production hall in Hilgertshausen, Bavaria, the components are pre-assembled and all the individual products are manufactured by specialists.
  • Installation
    After the final inspection, your lift is carefully packed and sent on its way to be installed and commissioned by our specialists or by your lift service provider.
  • Service
    Malfunction or maintenance? Whatever you need, we can organise fast and reliable support in Germany through our service partners. For our international customers, partner companies are available on site.
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Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

Seamless Export

The obligatory CoC papers for the export of our lifts to Russia and to the United Arab Emirates are available, so customs clearance is fast and problem-free.

Fields of application
Our lifts carry passengers and freight. We build passenger lifts for private homes, yachts, hotels, office and commercial buildings. Our freight lifts transport vehicles, pallets or small goods in the areas of trade and gastronomy as well as industry.
Rectangle or polygon, round, semi-circular or oval: We also build lifts outside the dimensions of standard shafts. In any shape or size, always in line with the planned appearance and guaranteed to be an emblematic element of the building or facade.
In addition to opaque lift cars in classic lift shafts, we also implement breathtakingly transparent lift architecture with glass and panorama lift cars. In the interior or on the exterior, timeless steel and glass objects or opulent and colourful lift car creations.
For your lift project, you have a choice of well-engineered solutions for cable drive and hydraulic drive – always in line with the shaft head, lifting height, use frequency and your requirements for sound insulation, energy consumption and speed.
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